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Five Life-Changing Tips From Millionaires That Will Help You Stay Motivated


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Our lives never go in a straight line. There is constant change and change is the only constant. Sometimes, it all goes well for us and then the very next moment we are shattered. Whether we face disappointments in work or life, getting up and moving again is a mantra, we should never forget. Though there are tons of motivational quotes available out there, it is not possible to always stay focused on our goals despite having setbacks. It is a daily struggle for everyone, but for entrepreneurs the problem is real. Hence, here are a few lessons learned hard by millionaires in their journey towards accumulating a fortune.

Mark Cuban – Fear Of Failure

Multi-millionaire Mark Cuban seeks motivation from the fear of failure. Sounds weird? It won’t when we explain! He says that being an investor he has several investments in technology companies. However, looking at the trend in this industry, it is not unlikely that some gawky teenager might come up with a better product tomorrow that will destroy your company. That very fear keeps him going. Instead of being afraid of failure, use it as a means to seek motivation daily and work even harder to avoid a situation like that. Sounds doable? It does to us!

Chalmers Brown – Stay Focused In Whatever You Do

Chalmers Brown, CTO, and founder of Due come up with very sensible advice. In his age of early retirements, we are often told to follow our dreams relentlessly, and take the risk. However, Brown quips, it might not be great for your bank accounts. So, if you have a job that pays and hobbies that follow your passion, you can still balance both by figuring out how to make the thing you are working at even better. If there are tasks involved that you do not like to do by yourself, delegate them promptly. There will be other people who love to do what you do not. Also by figuring out the market for your product or service, you can give your business a boost.

Mark Zuckerberg – Having A Good Team

Mark Zuckerberg, who turned a billionaire while still in his twenties and is the man behind Facebook, talks about the importance of having a great team. Building a good team requires you to know about the skills of your teammates. Focus on what are the skills that you lack and choose people who have them. In this way, you will have people in your team with complementary skills. Zuckerberg says, “No matter how talented you are, there are just going to be things that you don’t bring to the table.”

Barbara Corcoran – Look At Failures As Stepping Stones To Success

Barbara Corcoran, the founder of The Corcoran Group and Shark on Shark Tank says, “All of my best successes came on the heels of a failure, so I’ve learned to look at each belly flop as the beginning of something good.” Corcoran advises everyone to just hang in there. Soon things will be alright. Instead of being dejected by failures, use them as the stepping stone to your successful venture. Whatever you do, never feel sorry for yourself – says Barbara. Even if you feel sorry for 5 minutes, it affects your productivity and work routine.

Elon Musk – Think Less Work More

These days we are obsessed with vision. Having a clear vision is critical. but if we spend too much time on vision, we might end up wasting time. Elon Musk who is busy with his Space X project to colonize Mars, feels this way. Sometimes we are so vested in our vision, that we all we do is keep thinking which leaves us less time for doing. Hence, think less, work more should be your motto if you want things to get done in a certain period of time.

Finally, it is safe to say, that sometimes getting motivated is overrated. People wait to feel motivated so that they can start working. But ideally, they should just start working, whatever the situation might be. The kind of motivation you derive from seeing your tasks getting completed one by one is nothing compared to books or videos. Hence don’t wait to get motivated.

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The 3 Week Diet

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