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Five Tips to Help You Overcome the Dreaded Artist’s Block


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For artistic people, there is always that desire to create. Be it a new painting, a new poem, an original melody – it’s an artist’s passion to create art. But just as every artist which to build, every artist deals with creative’s dilemma too – artist block.

For artistic people, it happens often. Almost all of them hit a break sometimes, and they find themselves experiencing a mental block. This can make them feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed out. If ever you find yourself out of any new ideas or fresh concepts, here are some helpful tips to put you back on track.

Protect Your Creative Space

They say that we are the product of our environment. So if you have your own office or studio where you create most of your pieces, then you have to realize that it is also your creative space. You need to keep your area in good condition for it to fuel your creativity more. If ever you find yourself unable to start another work, try cleaning and de-cluttering your work area. You never know, that might be causing your block. Keep in mind that a messy environment could affect your concentration and even the flow of your thoughts, so it’s essential to keep your creative space clean and well organized.

If your space is squeaky clean and clutter-free, yet you’re still experiencing an artist’s block, a change of environment or scenery may help you with the mental block. Step out of your working space and move to your backyard or garden where you can breathe in some fresh air. You never know, that might be just what you need to spark your creativity once again.

Take a Break from Technology

According to research, it is necessary to have downtime from technology. This means you need to stay away from your computers, mobile phones, iPods, tablets, and other technological devices for some time. This is to give our brain some time to digest information and to remember it. If our mind is working continuously, then it will prevent the learning process. So take a break.

Sure, it’s essential to keep your followers on the loop with what you have in the works, but you also owe it to yourself to take a break and let your creative juices flow the natural way. Why not go old school like how artists in the years past did? , don’t grab your phone and ask Siri to help you. Instead, put that phone down and start working. Sooner or later, you’ll surely find the inspiration you need to pick up where you left off in your art.

Bond with Mother Nature

Mother Nature can get your creative juices flowing like crazy, and this strategy works very well for so many artists. Being with nature is not only relaxing and refreshing, but you also get to see a lot of amazing things and sceneries that you can use as an inspiration for your next work.

Being with nature does not necessarily that you have to take a grand vacation. Sometimes all you need is to take a walk in the park, the beach, or even though the woods if you live in the mountains to get the thoughts flowing.

Try Something New

You can try something once in a while, or even do something you haven’t done for a very long time. Maybe it has been too long since you last watched a movie in the theatre rode a roller coaster or even read a novel, doing things that you haven’t done for a while will help refresh your mind and also help you relax.

Listen to Music

Music has a lot of benefits. Maybe you are having that block because you feel stressed. If this is the case, music will soothe you, affecting your thinking and learning process. Music can also help you develop a positive attitude and motivate you. Listening to soothing music will also help increase the level of serotonin in our brains. This is known as the “happy hormone,” which puts us in a good mood and alleviates mental depression.

So when you feel that dreaded mental block, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and give these tips a try, and we’re sure one of these will genuinely work for you.

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The 3 Week Diet

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