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Health Experts Reveal How Night People Can Become Morning Ones


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How do you know if you are a morning person or not? If you snooze your alarm multiple times in the morning on a very regular basis, the chances are high that you are not a morning person. Coupled with that, if you find it difficult to function till you take a cup of coffee in the morning, then that might be another confirmation that you’re not a morning person.

The pertinent question at this point is can you actually change yourself to a morning person?

The gene plays a role in determining whether a person is a night person or a morning person

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The past research of Paulette Sherman, a psychologist based in New York has revealed that genetics actually might have a role in whether a person is a night owl or an early riser.

According to her, scientists made a recent discovery that there are over 300 spots in the genome where sleeping habits and influenced. In addition, they found that the human brain gives a different reaction to external light and a person’s genetic code influences that reaction.

Also, research has revealed that people who are morning persons might actually be more left-brained, i.e., More cooperative and analytical while night persons tend to be more right-brained, i.e., Individualistic and imaginative.

Utilizing Sunlight

The good thing, however, is even though genetics have a role to play in a person’s functionality as a morning or night person, it is still quite possible to change that.

Some researchers are of the opinion that 47% of a person’s chronotype when one has more genetic inclination to sleep is often inherited. One effective way to make that shift is to capitalize on one primary factor that influences the circadian rhythm, and that is sunlight.

To get better at being a morning person, you should try putting yourself in a position where you are more exposed to light in morning hours immediately after you wake up.

Sunlight influences one’s circadian rhythm, and that makes it an effective factor in becoming a morning person

According to Nate Watson, a neurology professor, light is the sole best way by which one can entrain circadian rhythm. This light could either be outside light or inside light, but the one important thing is that the brighter it is, the better for you. However, even days that are the most overcast still have sufficient light that helps entrain the circadian rhythms.

Night-Time Preparation

Also, you will find that preparing the brain to have an early morning from the night before is also helpful. To ensure that rising is a bit easier for you, getting a good night sleep is very essential, and there is one helpful trick to help you change from your former ways.

Watson advises that you take melatonin when, it is evening time, for a couple of weeks. For instance, you might take 1mg about 3 hours before the time you intend to sleep, and that can help advance your circadian rhythm while ultimately making it easier to become a morning type of person.

You should endeavor to take the last cup of caffeinated beverage every day before it’s noon

However, being successful at this quest of becoming a morning person is usually challenging for individuals and doing that might not be enough.

So in addition to that, a nutritionist coach, Hilary Hinrichs, advised that you take your last cup of caffeinated beverage daily before noon. Hinrichs noted that even though a lot of people wouldn’t agree, caffeine actually stays in the body for nothing less than 5 hours and taking it before noon would help the body naturally wind down.

Putting The Screens Away

Also, opting for calming activities in the evening such as reading a great book or meditation or doing some light yoga can help you get in a state where you are more relaxed.

Also, you should stop staring at your screen so much in the evening. Nothing stops you from watching Netflix, but ensure that the period before you finally go to bed is spent on a different thing.

Hinrichs recommends putting your screen away for at least an hour before you go to bed noting that when you stare at screens, you are exposing yourself to the blue light and that inhibits the body’s melatonin.

The experts are of the opinion that if you try to inculcate these habits, you’d find yourself feeling refreshed in the morning and that would likely help you be a better morning person.

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