The 3 Week Diet

Here Are the Most Unusual Health Tips Based On Science That You’ll Ever Hear


This Will Burn Your Belly and Arm Fat Like Crazy (Just Take 1 Cup Before Bed)


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There are plenty of ways to keep healthy that are common sense – like eating less, doing exercise and having more water and sleep. Well, we’re here to tell you about a handful of ways to be healthy that are sort of counterintuitive! Don’t worry, they are based on science and do work!

Sip on Coffee for a Better Nap

It was the Japanese who discovered, through research and experimental investigation, that it is beneficial to have a cup or even two cups of coffee, equivalent to approximately 200mg of caffeine, before napping, to have a more restful and refreshing nap! It was found that subjects who had some caffeine before their nap performed better on computer tests than those who just had a nap. The science behind it is that the caffeine kicks in at the 20-minute mark when you’re waking from your nap, to clear your brain of adenosine and thus clearing fatigue!

Don’t Brush Immediately After Meals for Healthier Teeth!

While it may seem like you would have a healthier set of teeth if you ran off and scrubbed them off after every meal, science supports that brushing immediately after consuming anything should be avoided. . Many foods soften the tooth enamel and brushing after consuming such foods can speed up the erosion of your protective layer of enamel on your teeth. It’s best to wait 30-60 minutes before brushing!

Cut Calories by Eating More

Okay, so this one is a little ambiguous. What we mean here is that snacking on small amounts of bad carbohydrates will have your blood sugar level spike and have you searching for more carbs before you know it! If you feel the nibbles coming on, it’s best to eat something substantial yet healthy, which will avert any cravings overall.

Cool off with a Hot Beverage

If you’re desperately looking for a drink to cool off in the heat of the summer, , right? Well, think again! It’s been proven that sipping on a hot beverage cools off the body faster than sipping on something cool. This is because drinking the hot beverage triggers your body to increase perspiration and sweat production and you cool off rapidly as the sweat evaporates.

Pick up Weight(s) to Shrink Your Body Size

Just to clarify, the aim is to gain muscle weight, . , so the more muscle your body has, . Also, . This means that a person who weighs more may fit into the same dress as a person the same size but weighs less! Taking up strength training may have your eyes popping when you look at the scale, . So your weight is nothing but a number! Dig around for your tape measure and watch the inches fall off your waistline as you follow your strength training routine!

Don’t Be Shy with the Hot Sauce

Hot chili peppers contain compounds that rev up the metabolism, . You just have to consume much quicker and more effectively. However, it has also been found that people who complement their meals with hot sauce or hot powder tend to consume less. – it’s a win-win!

If you haven’t tried any of these tips before, it’s about time you start incorporating them into your healthy lifestyle! Even the smallest healthy change is a welcome move. So remember, you don’t need to make several changes or big changes to your lifestyle for you to be healthy! Baby steps will take you there, so start one thing at a time and before you know it, !

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The 3 Week Diet

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