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Here’s What a Week in Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Routine Looks Like – Day-By-Day!


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If you are looking to try out a new workout, try giving yourself a few weeks of Khloe Kardashian’s fitness routine! It’s no secret that the Kardashian sister is a fitness fanatic these days, and she dedicates plenty of time to her body. It has never been easier to live in the shoes of a celeb as it is now – Khloe recently shared her fitness schedule on her app, making it accessible for everyone. Here are the details on what seven days in her fitness routine looks like!

Day 1: Cardio

Khloe kicks off the week with some heart-pumping cardio. It isn’t her favorite, and most people would rather do something else, but it is rather important for results. , boxing, and the use of a VersaClimber. Khloe makes sure to juggle up things in the cardio department as it helps avoid boredom which can quickly set in if cardio isn’t your thing! !

Day 2: Legs and Glutes

This is Khloe’s favorite, so it’s placed in a great spot in her schedule – right after cardio, so she has something to look forward to! Khloe loves using her kettlebell for a deadlift workout that really works the glutes, the largest muscle groups. Khloe’s deadlift workout is easily found with a quick internet search and was devised by her trainer, Lyzabeth Lopez

Day 3: Core

Khloe focuses on engaging her core on day three which is about concentrating on movements that incorporate balance and also engage the entire body. Core exercises include planks or pilates type movements and even yoga. Khloe’s favorite core exercises are between the sheets though – but that’s another story!

Day 4: Cardio

Yet another day of cardio for Khloe – but this time it is through the SOulCycle spin class. Khloe is all about the energy at the classes and encourages anyone to go. The enthusiasm really motivates you to push yourself even further than you thought you could actually go which is pretty much the entire concept of joining the class!

Day 5: Arms

This happens to be Khloe’s least favorite day of her fitness week. Exercising this muscle group yields slow progress which is not something Khloe likes. She does recommend getting a training buddy for extra motivation in this department. Khloe teams up with her sister, Kourtney, on arm day occasionally.

Day 6: Entire Body

This is a day for working out the entire body. . There are a variety of ways to use battle ropes to change it up a little with excellent results, and Khloe uses them all. She describes the workout as super intense but insists that you shouldn’t be intimidated! She also encourages at least 10 minutes with the ropes and promises it will make you feel incredible!

Day 7: Recovery

This is probably most people’s favorite day of the week for obvious reasons! After working out hard for six days in a row, Khloe takes a day to recover. However, this day isn’t about sitting on the sofa all day! Khloe encourages active recovery days which means still engaging in some activity, like foam rolling, yoga, or a brisk walk.

After Khloe had her baby, she took time to gradually ease herself into her fitness routine, starting out with just short walks with the baby stroller. She has since gotten into her pre-baby shape. Khloe is an inspiration for any woman who aspires to be fit, strong, toned, and lean.

If you are new to Khloe Kardashian, take time to look at her older pictures to understand how her body shape has changed over time. Being fit and toned is completely different from being skinny, and having good muscle tone is important. The muscles support the bones and the body itself, and you can avoid many injuries just by keeping toned. If you are consistent with your fitness like Khloe is, you can take you muscle tone well into old age and enjoy fewer issues relating top aging like joint pain or problems, backache, ! Cheers to fitness!

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The 3 Week Diet

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