The 3 Week Diet

My Personal Struggles With Weight Loss


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Growing up I wasn’t a fat kid – I wasn’t a skinny kid, either. However, most of my family was overweight, and had been their entire lives. My mother said it must’ve skipped a generation with me. Then one day, during high school, she met up with me at school, took one look at me and said, “You’re starting to get a little poochy.

That, my friends, was the beginning of a long struggle with my self-image.

I subscribe that BMI is a crock, and not just because I have always been technically overweight by it. I’m short, but I have high bone density and I am naturally curvy. Not to mention the, er, . So I was always happy around the 140 range. I considered 130 ideal, although BMI said 115. Trust me, at under 130 my bones start sticking out and there is nothing healthy about it. I’m practically starving myself. So I always maintained my body in the 140 range without thinking about it.

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Then I moved abroad.

I don’t know what happened. , , and my body naturally aging. But when I was abroad for a year my weight gradually dropped to 130. I came home, weighed myself, and was pleasantly surprised. Then a few months went by. My new career is very sedentary unlike my old job. , . I gradually gained weight. I thought I would taper off in the 140s again, but I didn’t. It kept climbing higher. When I reached 155 I started watching what I ate and exercised for a half hour every day. Mixed up aerobic workouts with high intensity interval training. Well, I definitely got toned. But I never lost any weight.

It’s been over a year since I moved home now. Since then I’ve bloomed into the 160s and am still climbing, no matter what I do. I’ve tried replicating my lifestyle from abroad to no avail. . It literally gets in the way of my life as I try to bend over – my flexibility is completely shot, no matter how many stretches I do every day. Not to mention what it’s done to my wardrobe. None of my bottoms fit any more, . . I can’t afford new clothes.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve sort of stopped thinking about it. , though. I figure if nothing else, it’s probably my body aging and my metabolism dying. As long as I stay healthy and concentrate on toning, I should be fine for a while. But I dread the next trip to the doctor’s office, the almighty shrine of BMI. Looks like I’m finally joining the ranks of my family complaining about their weight.

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The 3 Week Diet

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