The 3 Week Diet

The Facts About the Spot Reducing Myth


This Will Burn Your Belly and Arm Fat Like Crazy (Just Take 1 Cup Before Bed)


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There are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with one area or another of their body. You will often hear these people saying things like, “I need to get rid of this stomach” or “I need an exercise that will slim my thighs down”.

The premise behind these types of statements is that you can lose excess fat in any one given area on your body without affecting any other part of your body.

, .

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The plain and simple truth is; . , the muscles of that particular body part will develop and get stronger and grow bigger, . .

Here are the facts about the spot reducing myth:

Physiologically speaking, muscle tissue is always firm. . . , thus accounting for the extra buildup in these areas.

, you must create a calorie deficit within your body. . , , it can not select different areas to do it from.

, it is genetically determined where the most rapid loss will occur first. , .

Despite the popular saying, . They are made up of completely different types of cells and one can not convert into the other. . Also, , nor can you firm up muscle.

Fat and muscle cells are what they are, and you can’t change their composition. Simply put, .

. , even from trouble areas. . .

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The 3 Week Diet

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