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The Most Important Hygienic Practices You Must Adopt Post Work-Out


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A proper workout in the gym involves using a number of equipment that other sweaty individuals have touched and used. Though we all find glory in our post-workout sweat, and it often makes a great Instagram post (thanks to our glowing skin and those sweet endorphins that make us immensely happy), we should always be mindful of our hygiene, most especially after an intense routine. This will ensure that we’re totally safe from the kind of bacteria that thrives in sweat and grime.

Washing Hands

As mentioned before, gym equipment are touched by many people before you, and you never know what kind of bacteria they are carrying. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt, it is impossible to tell if they have not touched any other surface before entering the gym, which might have put microbes in their hands that can give you harmful diseases. So, after your workout, immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if you have one.

Wipe Equipment When You Are Done

Good hygiene means not just keeping yourself clean but doing the same for others, too. Hence, when you are done using a particular equipment, clean them with sanitizing wipes (which can be found in almost every gym) as a good gesture to the next user. If your gym does not have them, talk to the owner or caretaker and come up with some other solution so that each and every user can clean up after they are done using gym equipment.


Show Some Love To Your Yoga Mat

Often, we maintain all good practices when it comes to gym hygiene but forget our little old yoga mat. We might have been using it for years which means that the mat is probably packed with all kinds of dirt, grime, sweat, making it a potential breeding place for all kinds of germs. If you do yoga every day, the best practice is to clean the mat every day and keep it free of all deadly germs

Shower Afterward

Nobody likes a sweaty, greasy body. Moreover, sweat can be terrible for your skin. It can block the pores and make your skin prone to acne. So, it is best to take a nice, long shower and clean your hair as well as your skin once you are done working out. If taking a shower is not an option, it is best to clean up your face as best as you can, wipe your body with a wet towel, and change your shirt before heading out.

Remember, . You must be extremely particular about your personal hygiene and maintain these habits in order to avoid getting ill.

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The 3 Week Diet

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