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The Nitty-Gritty Truth About Being A Fitness Trainer


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Being a professional fitness trainer is no easy job, though it may seem like it is. Here are some insights into the daily life of a professional fitness trainer.

People Expect Fitness Pros to Make Them Exercise

First and foremost, people tend to think that a fitness trainer’s job is to make you exercise and motivate you, but that is definitely not the case. In fact, . A trainer might also help develop a suitable meal plan that caters to your needs and boosts your chances of reaching your goals. .

People Challenge Their Knowledge

It isn’t only YouTube that gym goers use to gather knowledge about training and unfortunately for fitness professionals, there is a lot of bad advice that is streamed on the internet. With the wrong knowledge, a lot of gym-goers aren’t achieving their full potential. It is important to know that when you hire a fitness trainer, you should understand that they know more about fitness than you do and that is why you hired them. The situation becomes difficult for trainers when their clients argue on certain aspects of training. Many trainers prefer working with people who don’t know anything about training  – a clean slate, so to speak.

People Think That Having a Fitness Trainer Means There’s Less Hard Work

Just because your fitness trainer is guiding you through your workout doesn’t mean you can invest less effort into the workout and expect to achieve the same results. In fact, trainers have expressed that they often find that people have a very skewed idea of just how much effort goes into fitness. It is likely that it takes up to ten times the effort that regular people imagine it does. The good news is that a fitness trainer can be a real pillar of support because nobody knows better than them just how grueling working out towards a fitness goal can be.

People Blame Poor Results on the Fitness Trainer

When clients meet their fitness pro once a week, for about an hour each time, it really doesn’t make sense to place the blame on the trainer for when they don’t manage to reach their fitness goals. Unfortunately, this is often the case, and the fitness trainer takes the beating for a client that doesn’t reach their goals when in actual fact clients see their trainers for a very small fraction of the week. The hard work has to come from the client and nobody else – your trainer cannot lose your weight or tone up for you! Having a personal trainer doesn’t mean you have a magic spell that is going to make the process easier.

Finding a Proper Fitness Professional Is Difficult

There are many people who pose as fitness trainers but simply do not bother to keep up with the current knowledge on fitness and training. Basically, all they have is their paperwork to prove that they are trainers. Being a good fitness pro is more than having the qualifications – it is about the experience and constant learning. A trainer who reads plenty of information about fitness and is passionate about fitness is the trainer that is worth appointing. Unfortunately, what with training certification being so easy to obtain, there can be a lot of ‘bad’ fitness trainers to sieve through before you find someone genuine and capable.

Fitness Pros Put in a Lot More Work Than Clients Think

A client may go to their fitness class and think their fitness trainer has a pretty easy job. But it is easy to overlook the fact that a lot of time and effort goes into preparing a fitness class. The classes are structured very specifically and designed to work specific muscle groups at a time and to allow sufficient rest between workouts while still making the workout enjoyable for clients – and that’s a lot of work! In fact, for a personal trainer, every hour with a client can translate into 3-4 hours of work without their client, during which the trainer will develop specific meal plans, , . All of this work isn’t seen by the client, and it can appear as though a trainer has it easy – but it just isn’t that way.

Being a fitness trainer is a tough job. Now that you know more about it, go ahead and thank your fitness trainer and go easy on them in the future because it’s a tough job!

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