The 3 Week Diet

These Sneaky HabitsWill Help You Start Dropping Pounds – No Exercise or Fad Diets Needed!


This Will Burn Your Belly and Arm Fat Like Crazy (Just Take 1 Cup Before Bed)


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So here’s the deal. You are looking to lose weight but you have no intention of going on a diet or exercising just yet. Well, there actually are a variety of habits that you can introduce into your lifestyle that can help you achieve this! That means no starvation, no cutting all carbs ad no HIIT workouts. Of course, , but this will give you a good place to start just in case you need a nudge in the right direction!

Chew Your Food Slowly and Properly

When you are eating whatever it is you’re eating, , you will actually be one step closer to eating less! Studies have shown that the quicker you eat, the more likely you are to overeat. This all makes a lot of sense, so slowing it all down can help you simply eat less, leading to less calorie intake – which equals weight loss!

Use Smaller Plates for Junk

, . This means that you need to think of a way to trick your brain a bit here. Using a small plate is a great way to do this! , you will actually eat far less of it. So say goodbye to eating crisps out of the bag, and say hello to smaller bowls and a slimmer you! Of course, when you’re eating your salad and veggies, you’ll be using the biggest plate you can find! Ust do it, and thank yourself later!

Add Protein to Your Diet

While we did say you won’t have to stop eating what you’re eating, ! , beans, nuts, and nut butters can help you feel full for longer periods of time. With the feeling of satiety that you get from protein, you’ll be reaching for snacks far less frequently!

Add Smoothies to your Diet

. Try having low-calorie smoothies without ice-cream or heavy cream – just stick to fruits, vegetables, and water. You will be surprised at how delicious these concoctions can be, and they will have you full of energy and give you a much needed nutritional boost! ! Just find the recipes you enjoy and stick to them, so you aren’t put off.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Hungry

When you allow yourself to grow hungry, you are more likely to reach out for the crisps, chocolates, . Avoid such cravings in the first place by eating healthy foods so that you do not become hungry. Keep snacking on carrots, hummus, avocados, nuts, seeds, green juice and all low-calorie healthy snacks between meals (not continuously, of course). The idea is not to go hungry, but also not to eat unless you feel you need to.

Start With Soup

Make it a habit to start off your meal with a soup. Homemade soup is the best option and what with slow cookers, pressure cookers, and blenders, soup making is far easier today than it was for our great-grandmas. That being said, you may prefer a canned or powdered soup, which is alright if you carefully select healthy products that are low in sodium, sugar, and preservatives. Stick to the clear soups here, so nothing dairy-based that is likely to have cream or copious amounts of butter. Sipping on soup is comforting and filling and you will end up eating less of whatever meal you have planned to eat.

There you have it – a couple of great ideas to help you kick start your way to healthier eating and healthier living without restricting you from eating the foods you love! – who knew!

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The 3 Week Diet

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