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Tired of the Same Old Gym Workout? Try Some Of These Awesome Pieces Of Equipment To Keep Things Interesting!


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Variation in gym equipment is immensely important, both to keep your interest as well as to keep your muscles growing and your body guessing. Engaging in a new gym activity has the added benefits of engaging muscles you don’t usually use in straightforward exercises like dumbbells or barbells. Of course, that’s not to say there isn’t a space for the old-school stuff in the gym – they are essentials! But here is a list of some interesting and effective equipment that you can invest in or find a gym that offers them.

Jacob’s Ladder

This piece of gym equipment is for conditioning and effectively replicates the gains of aerobic training — but without the impact on your joints. The equipment is easy to use, and all it takes is hopping onto it and climbing the tilted ladder! The ladder goes as fast as you do, so if you increase or decrease your pace, the ladder will follow suit.

Battle Ropes

This is one mighty workout! When you look at it or at someone doing a workout with them, you would certainly underestimate its effectiveness. However, . It is a full-body workout, and it doesn’t take much room in the home gym! They can even be secured outdoors, if necessary. People have even gone so far as to get creative with the rope, using fire hose with the ends cut off and taped up!

Kangoo Jumps

These little pieces of equipment sure pack a punch — they are as fun as they look! The low-impact boots give you a heavy cardio workout as you bounce up and down on them. These boots can be used to have a workout in one spot either by jumping from side to side or doing jumping jacks. This equipment makes plyometrics plenty of fun! You could even integrate them into a fitness program, a dance fitness routine, or something similarly creative.

Underwater Treadmill

If you have ever thought of a treadmill workout as too easy, then here’s an interesting way of upping the game and challenging your body with a treadmill work out by one simple but incredibly effective twist – doing it underwater! Well, on the plus side, you would be cool and your sweat would just wash away as you suffer! But yes, the underwater treadmill is a real thing, and you can get one, too! Power up your treadmill workout by investing in this crazy equipment today!

Slam Balls

– simply because it is a whole lot of fun!  Who wouldn’t like to slam a huge ball on the ground with all their might? The stress relief alone has us sold. Of course, , and it is a powerful workout that you’re missing out on if you aren’t already slamming balls on the gym floor!


These are seldom used anymore, but they offer a great workout. Throw a sandbag across your shoulders and get to lunging, climbing, or simply shifting your weight, and you will be blown away by just how intense it turns out to be! Sandbags are versatile and come in different weights and sizes, and they’re really flexible making it perfect for any body shape. Device your own sandbag circuit and melt the pounds away – hello six-pack abs!

Gliding Discs

Working your biggest muscles is one thing, and it is an important part of fitness as that’s where you will see your gains. However, many people forget to work their core, and that’s where you will feel an amazing difference in your body! A core workout will change your posture for the better and help you avoid injury as you perform the rest of your training. Gliding discs can be very effective and inexpensive tools to work your core, and if you’re creative, you can whip some paper plates on the carpet or slippery rags on a gym floor!

Your gym workout is important. Don’t fall out of the groove because of boring exercises! Mix things up and add some of these pieces of equipment to your home or even suggest them at your gym. With enough people interested in it, your gym may consider adding it to their collection.

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