The 3 Week Diet

Digesting the Atkins Diet


This Will Burn Your Belly and Arm Fat Like Crazy (Just Take 1 Cup Before Bed)


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The Atkins Diet is a permanent weight control plan. It will enable you to utilize carbohydrates wisely. It is a popular diet for people who want to boost their health and not just for weight reduction.

. It is a four-phase eating plan that will help you in Losing weight, maintaining your weight, achieving a healthy body, and preventing diseases.

. You will develop an understanding of your carbohydrate usage as it integrates vitamins, mineral supplements, and regular exercises in your body. . This, in turn, will help you reach your ideal weight with no harmful effects. , reaching the point of it becoming a permanent way and practice of eating. Developing a good eating habit decreases your risk of chronic diseases, so it’s the perfect way to boost overall wellness.

Before you start, you have to remember that:

a. Your limit of carbohydrate intake is 20 grams of net carbs daily for two weeks.

b. You should eat protein-rich foods and fats such as fish and domestic meats. The cheese has carbohydrates, so limit eating it also.

c. , polyunsaturated, and saturated fats. Avoid eating manufactured trans fats.

d. .

e. Drinking eight glasses of water daily should be a habit.

Atkins’ Diets Four Principles

eating food salad healthya. Losing weight. , and if your body is a stubborn weight loser, . The obstacle poised by sluggish metabolism can be cured and will help your body become much healthier.

b. Reaching ideal weight. . Slowly you’ll learn that your level of carbohydrate consumption will make you help maintain an ideal weight, and you can tolerate hunger longer. . With Atkins, you can endure hunger for longer, manage and tolerate it easily.

c. Maintaining a healthy body. Your body must meet proper nutrition. Eating only healthy foods make your body stay in good shape even before you reach your ideal weight. You’ll experience less fatigue while undergoing phases.

d. Prevention of disease. , which in your carbohydrate-controlled plan will benefit people with chronic illnesses.


The Overview of Atkins’ Diet 4 Phases

a. Phase One. Initiation focuses on the reduction of your carbohydrates consumption. This is the hardest part of the program, . This happens through the ketosis process.

b. Phase Two. This phase will slow down your weight loss naturally and increase your carb intake from 20-25 and 30 grams to the following week. This increase in your consumption every week will continue until you reach 1-to 2 pounds of weight loss per week.

c. Phase Three. Pre-Maintenance is moving to it when you are within 5-10 pounds of your target ideal weight.

d. Phase Four. Lifetime maintenance within a month when you reach your ideal weight in the final phase. . It is called lifetime maintenance. Included in this phase are the numbers of net carbs in grams needed daily. It depends on your body structure and age. .

food breakfast pancakesThis is the phase where your body will show results, and you will be happy with your development. . And the last phase is designed to help you stay in this stage. You will look great and feel great about your progress. Maintaining a healthy life is much more important than just losing weight. Lifetime maintenance helps you achieve a healthy life.

. It manages your carbohydrates consumption, teaches you which carbs benefit you the most, and gives you a glimpse into your body’s carbohydrates intake.

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The 3 Week Diet

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